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24 Hour Fitness, INC. District Facilities Technician in Torrance, California

LOCATION 21501 Hawthorne Blvd Torrance CA 90503


The District Facilities Technician's primary responsibility is to oversee the repair and maintenance operations for all buildings and equipment related to each club within an assigned District while informally supervising and training the club Facilities Technicians (FT's). This position audits clubs to improve facilities maintenance through education and guidance to Facility Technicians, Club Managers, and District Managers.


  1. Club Facilities and Maintenance Inspections
  • Facilities Department Standard Operating Procedures

o Execute club inspections as directed by the Corporate Facilities Department to ensure clubs are maintained per corporate standards, all preventative maintenance measures are being performed, and all protocols are in place to ensure a safe work environment is maintained.

o Provide feedback to Club Managers (CM's) and Facilities Technicians (FT's) to ensure expectations are clear and any maintenance deficiencies are addressed.

o Schedule short term follow up visits for clubs requiring additional oversight.

o Partner with the Area Manager of Facilities (AMF) and New Club Operations (NCO) to attend New Club walk-throughs ensuring all areas of facility maintenance are understood and addressed in advance of new club opening.

o Review results of inspections at conclusion of quarter to identify training opportunities, outliers, or any particular trends requiring follow up.

o Manage any planned club closures to ensure facilities issues that need to be addressed for appropriate turnover to Landlord are executed.

  • Assist Club Manager

o Train all new Club Managers on approved Facility Training Programs.

o Train Club Manager on daily tasks required to ensure proper management of the Facility Technician position.

o Communicate with Club Manager on all facility programs.

o Ensure the Work Order System (Accruent) is utilized as a management tool. 30%

  1. Management and Training of Facility Technicians

Facilities Technicians report directly to the Club Manager and all activities listed below should be considered support functions that the District Facilities Technician performs in conjunction with supervisory functions administered by the Club Manager.

  • General Management

o Provide general direction and technical expertise to the FT's to ensure all basic facilities department responsibilities are addressed.

o Schedule FT's within the district to ensure all clubs have coverage, any special projects requiring multiple FT's are planned, and any PTO/Sick/Vacancy issues are appropriately covered.

o Partner with the District Manager to ensure all FT scheduling is approved and communicated to CM's.

o Hold regular meetings and/or training sessions to relay information and/or provide new or updated training when applicable to the Facilities Department.

o Hold cascade conference calls to maintain alignment between corporate update expectations and FT's.

o Attend District or Region meetings to stay engaged and connected with business partners and company priorities.

  • Training and Development

o Perform hands on training for Facility Technicians following the corporate provided Facility Technician Training Materials.

o Coordinate any vendor-sponsored training programs.

o Partner FT's with each other to address specific training opportunities.

o Partner with the Corporate Facilities Team to ensure all FT's maintain required training certifications based on club amenities and local requirements.

  • Human Resources

o Partner with CM's and DM's for all hiring and discipline and/or corrective action with FT's while primary responsibility resides with the CM.

o Participate in performance reviews of FT's conducted by the CM.

o Provide supporting insight on key review areas for the FT. 30%

  1. Facilities Project Management
  • Oversee all special projects to ensure scopes of work and vendor quotes are appropriate to address project objective.

  • Schedule FT's for support of special projects.

  • Ensure vendors are held accountable to execute projects completely and invoice accurately.

  • Execute in-house projects when appropriate to reduce operational expenses.

  • Communicate with CM's and DM's to ensure alignment with planned scopes of work and timing. 20%

  1. Administrative Responsibilities
  • Accruent System and Work Order Management

o Review and manage Work Orders in the Accruent System to be the filter between club level submissions and final AMF review.

o Support R&M spending guidelines as directed by the AMF.

o Review of relevant Accruent reporting to identify trends, opportunities and outliers.

  • Administrative Responsibilities

o Management of FT's P-Card (company credit card) use (for FT's with P-Cards).

o Management of e-mail communication.

o CM's directly manage all FT's Time and Labor and any reimbursement requests. The District FT reviews and manages reporting to ensure all activity is appropriate. 20%

Total 100%


The District Facilities Technician position requires communication with Corporate Office personnel, Club Personnel, Members and Manufacturer's Service Representatives. This position reports to the Area Manager of Facilities and will partner directly with District Managers, Club Managers, and Facility Technicians.


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Knowledge of scheduling and staffing maintenance personnel.

  • Strong interpersonal, motivational, communication, organization, and training skills.

  • Problem solver and ability to provide guidance to FT's.

  • Highly organized and ability to multi-task.

  • High level of professionalism, honesty, integrity and an excellent work ethic.

  • Diligence and a strong understanding of liability issues, general safety, and personal and/or public injury related to satisfactory completion of the above listed duties a must.

  • Ability to use Microsoft Office Applications (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel) as well as web applications and the internet.

  • Ability to manage a budget and understand basic financial implications of work performed.

Minimum Educational Level/Certifications

  • Certified Pool/Spa Operator.

  • Completed all Facility Technician Training Modules.

  • Complete all 24HF approved training as provided by the assigned Supervisor.

Minimum Work Experience and Qualifications

  • Minimum 3 years of experience working in facilities maintenance.

Physical Demands/ Environmental Conditions

  • Duties may include physical effort, including the ability to lift a minimum of 50 lbs., bending, squatting, reaching, or being on feet for long periods of time

  • Duties include exposure to pool chemicals, cleaning supplies, and periodic grease/oil from cardiovascular equipment

  • Must be available to be contacted for emergencies 24 hours/7 days a week and assist Facility Technician with being a first responder in the case of environmental disaster, individual must be available to assist is the closing down of a club to meet all legal, safety, risk, and environmental regulations

  • Must maintain suitable transportation

  • Must maintain basic tool set (as listed ) and inventory it monthly

  • Must report to work in a 24 Hour Fitness approved uniform


FULL-TIME Full-time