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Job Information

24 Hour Fitness, INC. Group Fitness Instructor in Portland, Oregon

LOCATION 8235 SW Apple Way Portland OR 97225

General Description

The Group Fitness Instructor (GFI) creates a positive experience for all members, and guests, of BFit Gyms. The Group Fitness Instructor educates participants about useful and safe exercises, assists them in achieving exercise goals and assures them that they leave the session feeling refreshed and in a positive state of mind. This position reports directly to the Area Group Fitness Manager (AGFM). This position may also interact with the Managing Director (MD), Director of Operations (DOO), and other BFit Gyms Management and Team Members.


The following is an outline of the primary job duties for a Group Fitness Instructor. The list is not intended to be inclusive, but only representative of the primary tasks required for the successful performance of the position.

Employee Responsibilities

 Possesses the ability to follow directions.

 Submits all work in accordance with deadlines.

 Adheres and enforces department/company policies and procedures.

 Attends instructor trainings and meetings as required.

 Assists in promoting sessions, programs, and events as directed.

 Directs member concerns to AGFM or appropriate gym personnel.

 Stores and cares for all equipment neatly, appropriately as directed.

 Reports broken equipment and maintenance needs to AGFM, or appropriate gym personnel, and documents problem in equipment/ stereo maintenance log.

 Maintains home or work email and phone accessibility.

 Returns emails and phone calls within 48 hours.

 Follows appropriate guidelines on finding a substitute.

 Reports/responds to substitution requests and availability.

 Records sessions taught according to Time & Labor guidelines.

 Records session counts on Time & Labor as directed.

 Performs Time & Labor adjustments as needed.

 Remains current with Group exercise and format guidelines.

 Maintains current CPR/AED certification and company approved industry certifications.

Instructing Responsibilities

 Works no less than 2 sessions, per week, and no more than 15 sessions, per week, between all gyms assigned.

 Instructs no more than 5 sessions, per day, at any one gym.

 Instructs and leads scheduled, Group Fitness approved sessions only.

 Teaches scheduled session format as per Group Fitness guidelines.

 Starts and finishes session as scheduled.

 Reports incidents/injuries to appropriate gym personnel.

 Handles minor member concerns.

 Supports BFit Gyms company policies and procedures.

 Promotes all BFit Gyms events as directed.

 Is punctual, dependable and positive.

 Educates members on safe techniques and guidelines.

 Instructs session to the ability level of the students participating.

 Monitors participants through perceived rate of exertion and response to instructor's directions.

 Works with participants to achieve their exercise goals.

 Interacts with members before and after exercise sessions and addresses their questions and needs.

 Welcomes new members/guests to sessions.

 Recruits potential new members for sessions.

 Increases member attendance by developing teaching skills and motivation techniques.

 Maintains a professional attitude toward responsibilities, fellow instructors, gym staff and members.

 Projects a professional and healthy image through dress, behavior and attitude.

 Influences participants so that they leave workout session feeling refreshed and in a positive state of mind


FULL-TIME Part-time